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Campaign Sites:
Health Campaigns
Made Simple

Rapidly launch expertly crafted
healthcare campaign sites
seamlessly connected to your
existing Mercury Healthcare services.

Do Websites Have to Be Time-Consuming & Expensive to Build?

We don’t think so. While traditional health campaigns rarely receive the requisite time or budget to deliver meaningful outcomes, even the standard options available don’t always connect to relevant marketing initiatives and often fail to act on critically useful data.

Fortunately, Mercury Healthcare has the solution.


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Mercury Healthcare Campaign Sites™

Combining our expertise managing hundreds of successful campaigns across healthcare service lines with real-time data on digital and health consumer behavior, Mercury Healthcare Campaign Sites™  deliver the following advancements in digital healthcare marketing:

  • Conversion-Focused Experiences
  • Full CRM & Marketing Automation Connectivity
  • Mobile-First Design Methodology
  • Built on Best Practices
  • Advanced Form Integrations
  • 60% Reduction in Time to Market
  • Comprehensive Experience Mapping & Tracking
  • Integrated Call Tracking
  • Ongoing Feature Enhancements
  • Your Brand Identity Included in the Design

With Mercury Healthcare Integrations already in place, Campaign Sites™ provide powerful technological innovations that are scalable and easy to use.

Mercury Healthcare Campaign Sites ecosystem


Seamlessly connect your campaign site to existing digital marketing products and services.

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