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Joint Replacement Package Site

Qualify and convert the right candidates for hip or knee replacement.


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Focused Joint Replacement Campaign

Intelligent marketing seeks to engage as many people as possible. While driving increased knee and hip replacements — the two most commonly performed joint replacement surgeries — derives the most value from a business perspective, providing a path for those consumers who aren’t yet ready for surgical intervention also pays dividends in the long run. 

Our Joint Replacement Package Site personalizes the experience for different visitors based on journey stage and specific joint to capture multiple conversion types, including both highly qualified leads and those consumers with milder joint pain.

Example knee replacement consumer journeys

Education breeds loyalty

Whether or not someone is far enough in their health journey to receive a hip or knee replacement, they will inevitably have questions and concerns about their joint pain. Providing educational content and actionable steps for all stages of the joint pain journey increases relevance to the largest number of consumers, engaging both those ready to seek treatment immediately and those who require some additional nurturing.

Tailor your message to the appropriate audience.

Highly relevant content

With more than 30 unique pages of medically accurate, but compassionate articles, slideshows and core web pages, the Joint Replacement Package Site speaks to the possible causes of both knee and hip pain, splitting up content by body part. While the content includes available treatment options for joint pain, it focuses on joint replacement as the ultimate surgical solution.

User finding joint content

Keyword mapping

Years of paid campaign experience and research on consumer search behavior inform the selection of included knee and hip replacement content topics. But just knowing what consumers are searching for isn’t enough. Each medically reviewed piece of joint replacement content is also optimized using keywords with the highest search volumes and relevance to enhance both search engine marketing performance and consumer engagement.

Example keywords for joint replacement


Not all content is relevant to every audience, and different journey stages should encourage new interactions. The Joint Replacement Package Site breaks up content topics by body part and dynamically changes both CTAs and page content based on the persona type and journey stage of each consumer.

Example of personalization

Marketing automation

The knee and hip replacement content that fuels this site experience can also populate your marketing channels. Using the same journey stage mapping referenced above, our marketing automation extends personalization to meet consumers where they already are, delivering a user experience that seamlessly navigates them back to your Joint Replacement Package Site to continue on their respective journeys.

Joint marketing automation example content

Campaign Site Features

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Your brand identity

Customize colors, fonts images and key CTA content blocks with your brand style, voice and tone. 

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Extensive integrations

Integrate seamlessly with CRM and Marketing Automation from Healthgrades.

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Faster time to market

Experience faster campaign build and launch, resulting in a 60% reduction in time to market. 

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Experience mapping & tracking

Track the experience from beginning to end with Healthgrades Analytics & Insights. 

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Full consumer journey appeal

Address consumers' needs across the entire journey, rather than the few served by a lone landing page. 

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Conversion-focused experiences

Drive engagement through unique conversions at every stage of a consumer's journey. 

On its own, this Joint Replacement Package Site contains relevant, engaging and medically accurate content that better guides each consumer along their most appropriate path. Used in conjunction with all the powerful Add-Ons and Integrations offered by Healthgrades, it takes advantage of our data-proven strategy to deliver an unmatched user experience across the entire health journey.

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