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Journey-specific content and actions for individual consumers


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Personalized Site Experiences Made Possible

Consumers continue to show increasing loyalty to brands that understand their needs. Websites offering repetitive content and stagnant user experiences work against building such relationships. Personalization allows you to truly engage your site visitors and keep them coming back throughout their respective journeys.



Take your site experience to the next level with personalized messaging and actions.

Dynamically changing CTAs

As consumers progress in their health journeys, they should receive updated action drivers that correspond to their current stage and move them to the next. With the Personalization Add-On, visitors to your site will see new CTAs each time they complete a previous action, whether it be an HRA submission, seminar signup or appointment request.

Personalization of CTAs example

Tailored content

Not every visitor needs to see the same copy or imagery. Depending on their journey stage and persona, they may have an entirely different page experience than another visitor. With journey mapping already built into our Campaign Site Packages, the addition of the Personalization Add-On enables dynamic content replacement triggered by previous user actions.

Personalization on home page

Enhanced marketing automation

Personalization can also extend to our Marketing Automation Integration. With Personalization enabled, actions taken on the campaign site will determine the specific content a consumer receives by email, which will then impact their site experience on a return visit by way of a content link in the email.

Marketing automation channels

Providing a personalized experience for consumers on their individual health journeys builds loyalty to your brand. This is largely because they’re unlikely to find such an experience elsewhere (within healthcare), but also because it demonstrates a greater level of caring and attention.

Make it Personal